25-26 September 2017 | John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

Senior Statistician, AstraZeneca

Dr. Natasha Karp a biochemist received her PhD from Imperial College London.  She then worked at the University of Cambridge and subsequently at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a Biostatistician and is currently supporting pre-clinical research at AstraZeneca as a Senior Statistician.  Dr. Karp has spent the preceding 8 years supporting the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium and researchers at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute focusing on in-vivo studies.  Her research in this period focused on addressing replicability and reliability issues by optimising the experimental design but also optimising the analysis and reporting of in-vivo experiments.  During her academic career, she has been a prolific author with a significant number of manuscripts covering issues such as experimental design, ontology and optimal analysis.  Her role in the in-vivo field has been recognised by being selected as an editor of Nature Scientific Data and recruited for the NC3R Experimental Design Working group.