25-26 September 2017 | John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

Head of the RSPCA Research Animals Department

Penny is Head of the RSPCA Research Animals Department, which works to achieve more effective ethical review of animal use and further the implementation of the Three Rs.  

She joined the RSPCA 20 years ago and has served two terms as a member of the Animal Procedures Committee and one on the Animals in Science Committee, continuing to sit on the ASC’s AWERB Sub-committee.

Penny’s main areas of work relate to promoting effective AWERBs and also to refinement, for example reducing severe suffering; improving housing and care; assessing welfare; the use of animals in fundamental physiology research; telemetry; and humane killing.  The implementation of new UK and European regulations controlling animal use, including effective harm-benefit assessment and ethical review, is also a current priority. 

Further information about Penny's work can be found HERE.