25-26 September 2017 | John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh
Adrian Smith

Secretary to the Norwegian 3Rs platform Norecopa

Adrian Smith is a British veterinarian who graduated from Cambridge in 1979. After a year in mixed practice in the UK he emigrated to Norway where he has lived since. For much of this time he has been employed by the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, where he defended his doctoral thesis within the reproductive physiology of seasonal breeders. He held the Chair in Laboratory Animal Science from 1988 and was an ECLAM diplomate until he left the School in 2011. He was heavily involved in the work of introducing mandatory training in laboratory animal science in Norway, and has arranged over 50 courses for all personnel categories. During this period he was also a member of the National Animal Research Authority which oversaw all animal research in Norway, and served on the committee which created the curriculum for the Veterinary Nurse programme in Norway. He has been the Secretary of Norway's consensus-platform for the 3Rs, Norecopa (http://norecopa.no) since it was established in 2007. He has had a special interest in 3R resources for many years and has co-authored several databases in this area which are now incorporated in the Norecopa website. He is a Board Member of the Danish 3R centre and a member of the National Committee for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes in Denmark. His other interests include acting as Site Visitor for the Norwegian Veterinary Association’s certification scheme for small animal practices, where he sees many parallels to the need for quality assurance in laboratory animal science.

 A list of Adrian's publications can be found HERE