25-26 September 2017 | John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh
Andrew Loudon

Beyer Professor of Animal Biology at the University of Manchester

Andrew Loudon has worked in the UK at Edinburgh, London and Manchester, and overseas in the USA and Australia. He is currently the Beyer Professor of Animal Biology at the University of Manchester. He trained at Oxford University (Zoology) and Edinburgh (PhD), and developed early in his career a strong interest in endocrinology, biological clocks and timing mechanisms. The early part of his career focused on ruminant livestock species, including deer, and also marsupials, pioneering new understanding of seasonal timing and the role of melatonin. He moved to the Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London where he directed the Reproductive Biology Group, pioneering novel reproductive technologies for the conservation of endangered species. At Manchester, he has built up the largest grouping of chronobiologists in Europe. His personal research currently focuses on clocks and inflammatory diseases, hibernation and seasonal rhythms and their control, and fundamental studies of clock gene dynamics in cells and tissues, with major collaborations in Norway, the USA and Japan. His research has been recognized by election to Fellowship of the Academiae Europaeae, award of the Society for Endocrinology Research Medal, election to Fellowship of the Royal Society of Biology and election to the Academy of Medical Sciences. He is currently supported by the Welcome Trust (Senior Investigator Award), and holds substantial additional funding from the Medical Research Council, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, National Science Foundation (USA), and an International Human Frontiers Science Programme Grant.